iStat Menus 3

When installing OS X, one of the first things which get’s added is iStat Menus. I was pleasantly surprised that there is a new version of this great utility. It’s no longer freeware (I donated in the past, and there is obvious no ‘upgrade’ possibility since it was freeware, but the price is ok and they have a family license as well.)

Drobo: initialize for maximum size

Tip: when initializing the Drobo, initialize for maximum size. When I got mine last year, I quickly choose 2TB as size (seemed enough at that time), but since you can’t resize afterwards without deleting all the data on it, I recently needed to reinitialize it by setting all the data aside (on several disks) and copying it back over. 16TB may see a lot at the moment, but since hard disk sizes keep growing very quickly and the sizes of the digital media as well you can safely bet you’re on that limit sooner then you would expect.

File Management

We produce lots (and I do mean lots!) of files these days. Still pictures mostly probably, but also the video and audio files. (I call these the digital memories.) All these have to be managed in one way or the other. Here is a list of the essential tools I use:
  • exiftool which is simply and without competition the best tool for renaming the incoming flood of RAW and/or JPEG images. Aperture and Lightroom both have some options to rename the files, but I still prefer the complete flexibility exiftool provides. It’s also amazing how this tools get’s up to date, for camera, lens support as well for new file format specifications.
  • A Better Finder Rename is great for those files that don’t have any embedded meta-data which can be used to derive a filename. You have a lot of options to rename files. The list can be daunting the first time you notice all the scenarios it supports, but once you’ve used it, you wonder how you ever could do without. It’s integrated nicely within the Finder which is also a plus.
  • WhatSize is essential to find out how the files are distributed over the drives. This helps to organize the directories and backup drives.